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Bonnaroo pre-sale tickets go on sale December 2! And I am currently conflicted as to whether I want to stick with GA next year, or spring for VIP tickets.

VIP tickets are $1500 for 2 people. This is a lot of money. Also, if you want to go with an odd number of people, this sucks. Also, if not…


First snow today.  Meaning my mood will quickly be plummeting.  Can I just pack up my family, friends, and job and move them all someplace sunny and warm?

Also sad because before I went out of town I started chatting with a guy who seemed really great, and now he doesn’t seem interested anymore…

Also because my inner critic is being a total dickhead today.

And because my teefs still hurt :/




keep looking up?


keep looking up?

Dating is really the most disheartening thing ever.